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  • Interests: Language, country, and culture

  • Goal: Gain better access to Croatian culture and history

  • Plan: Work in a country where Croatian is spoken

  • Personal connection: Husband or wife is from Croatia

  • Motivation: Desire to learn Croatian language

Our Croatian courses offer small group sizes, modern teaching methods like role-playing games, and a focus on both oral and written expression. Participants can read and write in Croatian after a short time, and have a say in teaching materials and methods. Whether for culture, travel, or personal relationships, our courses cover all language skills.

Our Croatian courses are designed for small groups, with no more than six language learners per class. This allows for a personalized and interactive learning experience, where modern and engaging teaching methods, such as role-playing games, can be easily integrated into the lessons. Our courses emphasize both oral and written expression, enabling participants to develop their reading and writing skills in Croatian in a short period of time.

Unlike traditional approaches that solely rely on books and pre-made teaching materials, our courses take a learner-centric approach. Course participants actively contribute to determining the best way to learn Croatian, with the course leader and participants collaborating on the use of teaching materials and methods. This approach ensures that different learning styles and the specific needs of each course group are addressed effectively. Throughout the course, equal emphasis is placed on developing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, providing a comprehensive language learning experience.

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Download and showcase your new qualification on LinkedIn and your CV.

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